Wild Welva and his book “Back to the Wild”

Wild Welva and his book “Back to the Wild”

Whilst stumbling around the beautiful city of Huelva in Southern Spain we came across the work of Wild Welva.

Wild Welva is an street artist based in Huelva, Spain.

He creates big drawings on paper focusing on animals and wild life as a poetic metaphor to talk about humankind. His drawings are pasted up in walls all over the world. We can find his works in cities and natural landscapes such us Rekjavik, Paris, London, Bristol, Seville, New York or Berlin.

Wild Welva uses the city and the landscape as an scenario where animals tell their human stories.

He has just launched a book, BACK TO THE WILD which can be bought for 30 euros (world wide shipping- free shiping for Spanish territory).

The book published by El Libro Feroz collects photographs and texts from the journey of Huelva artist, Wild Welva from 2015 to date. The book has been designed by David Pedro with collaboration by Rocío González. In addition, the book is written in Spanish and English to take into account that the artist has works work in both Europe and the United States.

“The animals of Wild Welva (Seba Ventana), almost all wild, are a critique away from the social criticism of urban art.”

Wild Welva uses the technique known as paste up(papered or pasted) and is influenced by the characteristic white color so present in the Andalusian towns. His work aims to insert living elements within that reality. His animals provide life to different corners of the city, offering a new space “exhibition”.

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