Jasmina Krajačić

Jasmina Krajačić

We are proud to showcase the work of Jasmina Krajačić, a very exciting artist from Zagreb, Croatia.

Jasmina Krajačićwas born in Zagreb. After studying the painting course at the Applied Arts School in Zagreb, she enrolled into the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1992 took her degree in printmaking,  under the class of Miroslav Šutej.

Jasmina is a freelance painter and lives and works in Zagreb. She is a member of the professional associations HDLU and HZSU.

Jasmina has released various series of art.


Is punk still alive?

Jasmina has created artworks of members of three bands which she lists herself used to be music idols whose creations she eagerly awaited and then endlessly listened to. Thick applications of paint create a slight relief like quality but also remind us of their lighter side.


Several years ago Jasmina Krajačićbegan a new art phase, which could best be determined in terms of genre as a sort of digital neo pop art – she used the photographs of icons from her youth to make portraits of punk’s holy trinity: the Ramones, the Sex Pistols and the Clash, partially using digital redesign when sketching.

The photographs taken as templates are almost fractally broken into smaller, rectangular fragments while ensuring that this geometrical multiplication doesn’t distort the recognizable features of the ones portrayed.


This is Jasmina’s latest series and was exhibited last month in Zagreb.  The series creates portraits of people belonging to various nationalities, races and sexual orientations – heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual – who share a romantic belief in the old phrase about the all-prevailing power of love.

The works are 50 cm x 50 cm and multi layered using print on glass which is set 4 cm in front of the canvass using deep frames . Giving an effective level of depth and space.


1990 Zagreb, Caffe Concordia
1993 Zagreb, Galerija Spektar
1994 Zagreb, Galerija Nova
1994 Crikvenica, Kavana Korzo
1994 Čakovec, Centar za kulturu
1996 Zagreb, Galerija CEKAO
1996 Rab, Galerija Knežev dvor
1997 Zagreb, Galerija INA
1998 Zagreb, Galerija SC
1998 Požega, Galerija Hajdarović
1999 Poreč, Galerija Zuccato
2000 Zagreb Galerija VN
2001 Zagreb, Galerija Nova
2003 Rijeka, Galerija Gal
2004 Zagreb, Galerija Matice Hrvatske
2004 Požega, Galerija Hajdarović
2006 Zagreb, Galerija Karas
2012 Zagreb, Galerija Marisall
2012 Poreč, Galerija Narodno Sveučilište
2013 Zagreb, Tvornica kulture (the show with British punk band Sex Pistols Experince)
2014 Zagreb, Galerija Matice Hrvatske
2015 Varaždin, Galerija Zlati Ajngel
2016 Pula; Galerija Milotić

2018 Zagreb, Galerija KIC