Balancing the opposing forces of the humorous and macabre, vivid colour and stark monochrome, Eelus’ work brings the beautiful and sometimes caustic realities of the world together.

His central stark figures – often melancholic women – are limned in a riotous display of joyous color, suggesting the entanglement and necessity of light and dark.

Drawing inspiration from pop culture, film, graphic design and art history, his paintings, murals, and screen prints continue to play and provoke.

He has taken part in a number of highly successful group shows in London, Bristol, Norway, Los Angeles and Atlanta as well as being asked to paint in Japan and New York. He’s produced work for leading London galleries, painted a canvas for Green Day and has worked and exhibited alongside some of the world’s best contemporary masters.

Eelus is a master of the modern, graffiti-led art world. He combines his background in design and illustration with images of sci-fi, B-movies, housing estates, girls and the bizarre.

Eelus’s early works like ‘Chewbarber’ and ‘Shat At’ were heavily influenced by the movie Star Wars. He has also collaborated with 75 of the hottest underground painters, artists and designers on the Vader Project to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.

Eelus is a self-taught artist inspired by Banksy. He has most recently been combining stencil with striking colorful lines, and he helped launch a community art project in the Gambia called Wide Open Walls.

He currently lives in Brighton, UK.

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