About Us

We started collecting street and urban art about 30 years ago when graffiti and street art was relatively unknown.

Street and urban art has now become an accepted artistic genre and Banksy has become a name that most people know. Underground art and what was one termed “vandalism” has now become mainstream.

The popularity of street and urban art has created its own problems. The commercial nature of street and urban art. We want to put the art back to centre stage.

Frustrated at the lack of places to sell and trade street and urban art and concerned by the high fees charged by bigger market places, We decided to launch this site so collectors of street and urban art can sell, buy and trade their art at a reasonable cost, without adverts popping up, and where you can trade securely and safely. The escrow service provides that protection.

Unlike eBay or Catawiki, we do not charge a final listing fee based on the value or auction commission. The only thing you pay for are the photographs attached to any listing which are charged at £1.50 per photo. Even with our charges for the photographs our fees are significantly less than other marketplaces. Please see our price comparison chart for proof.

No matter the value of the art you want to sell, your fees will never be more than £15.00.

As Banksy said: “Graffiti is an important and valid art form, it would be a shame if it was killed by venture capitalism.”

If you have any suggestions as to how the site can be improved, or your experience using the site can be made better; please let me know at info@urbanartspace.co.uk