Welcome To The
Urban Art Space

A marketplace to sell, buy, trade street, graffiti and urban art for less. A cheaper alternative to eBay.

Only £1 to post a listing until the art is sold.

Safe and secure Stripe payment processing.

Payment via the Stripe Escrow Service ensures security for the buyer and seller.

New street and urban art, and artists are always welcomed.

Unlike other marketplaces we do not charge a final selling price or auction commission, or make any deductions from your sale.

The only thing you pay for are the photographs attached to any listing which are charged at £1.00 per photograph, and you can upload up to 10 photographs. Even with our charges for the photographs our fees are significantly less than other marketplaces. Please see our price comparison chart for proof.

No matter the value of the art you want to sell, your fees for posting the listing will never be more than £10.00. No final selling price or auction commission.

For the safety and security of our users we offer an escrow service via Stripe.

Members can use our in-site messaging service to chat, negotiate prices and trade their art.

Sell your art in 4 easy steps:

  • Decide what artwork you want to sell, the selling price and the cost of postage;
  • Post your listing and photograph(s);
  • You only send your art once the buyer has transferred the money into a secure escrow account;
  • Send the art directly to the buyer and get paid!

If you wish to register for the site please click here.

Why Use Us?

We offer a cheaper and safer alternative to eBay dedicated to promoting street and urban art.

The safety, security and equal protection of our buyers and sellers is important to us. This is why we offer an escrow service via Stripe.

Don’t take our word as gospel; here is a testimonial from one of our featured artists, M44 Stencil:

I am extremely pleased with my Urban Art Space experience. I have only been listing my artwork there for a short time, and am already getting results.

While I was setting up my account the Urban Art Space team could not have been more helpful or responsive, answering all of my questions quickly and fully. They have clearly done an excellent job of promoting my work on social networks, because within four days of opening my account, I made my first sale.  
The marketing, sales and payment system is very clearly explained, and fair. I would not hesitate to urge other artists to join Urban Art Space.”
The other advantages to joining the site are as follows:

Free to join as a member

Maximum fee with 10 photographs is £10.00

All payments and escrow service provided via Stripe

No automatic or future charges, fees or commission

No PayPal fees

Our escrow service ensures safety for both the buyer and seller

Your listing is displayed in a gallery style that is searchable against the artist’s name. The art takes centre stage

All art that is listed remains live on the site until sold or withdrawn by you. No timed listings or the need to relist

A member can amend their listing at any time by adding photographs (for a charge) or changing the price or details of their art, or replacing photographs that have already been purchased

All art that is listed on the site has equal ranking and there is no need to “bump” up listings, or worry about your listing fading into obscurity

There will be regular updates about new art releases, exhibitions and a showcase page for new artists to display their art that will change regularly

You save money!

There will be regular freebies for members